Author Fees & Waiver Policy

DIGLOSIA charges the following author fees.

Article Submission: 0.00 (IDR) 
We do not charge fees for article submissions by authors. Fees will be collected when the article is ready to be published.

Article Publication: 350.000 (IDR)
We charge article publishing costs only for each article to be published and have gone through the regular peer-review process (without going through the fast-track review).

Fast-Track Review: 750.000 (IDR) 
We accept fast-track reviews and will be charged. Fast-track review fees do not include publication fees. Please contact us if you need this facility.


We encourage our authors to publish their papers with us and don’t wish the cost of publication processing fees to be an insurmountable barrier especially to authors from the low and lower-middle-income countries. We offer waivers to authors from Lower middle-Income Countries and authors from Lower-Income Countries depending on the quality of work and other special considerations. DIGLOSIA reserve the right to approve or reject any waiver application. Waiver's decision will be communicated to the corresponding author within one week after the request is received.