Plagiarism Screening

DIGLOSIA strongly discourages plagiarism and autoplagiarism. All manuscripts must be free of plagiarized content. All authors are advised to use plagiarism detection software to perform a similarity check. We will reject articles that are indicated to contain any form of plagiarism.

We will perform a similarity check using Turnitin. We will check the similarity of each manuscript twice, namely at the beginning of manuscript submission and when the manuscript will be published.


  • DIGLOSIA only tolerates 10% of similarity. If the initial manuscript indicates plagiarism of more than 10%, the manuscript is automatically returned to the author if the article. The status of the manuscript will be rejected and will not be reviewed.
  • For manuscripts to be published, it will also be checked for similarities of no more than 10%. Authors will be informed to improve the article before copyediting. Authors are required to improve the article before publication so that the similarity rate is no more than 10%.



Settings used for "Filters and Settings" on the Turnitin website:
Exclude quotes: On
Exclude bibliography: On
Exclude matches: 1%